Graduate Student Fellowship Program 

Graduate Student Fellowship Program

Fellowship Program Overview


GLEON Fellowship Cohort 1 at Trout Lake Station, Boulder Junction, WI. August 2013

The GLEON ( Fellowship Program trains cohorts of graduate students to exploit the rich information content of large and diverse data sets, operate effectively in diverse international teams, and communicate outcomes to a broad range of audiences.

Over the past several decades environmental issues and concerns have become increasingly transdisciplinary in scope and global in scale. The scientific community has responded by acknowledging the need to develop new science that matches the complexity and scale of these emerging environmental issues. Yet, developing large spatial scale understanding of environmental patterns and processes presents a formidable challenge; it requires diverse expertise, data, and models. It also requires scientists with the organizational and collaborative human skills and understanding to both catalyze and lead transformative science. Scientists will increasingly work within networks to conceptualize issues in new ways and work with complex data using new and effective cyberinfrastructure. Learning to work in these kinds of networks is not trivial and involves skills seldom developed in graduate student training.

Students in the early- to mid-stages of doctoral research in both academic and professional environmental science, ecology, and engineering career tracks will begin the program with an international, collaborative student cohort, and will finish the program as integrated members of a grassroots scientific network.

The GLEON Fellowship Program is centered on

  • Development of technical, conceptual and analytical skills critical to carrying out macroscale biology and network science
  • Development of communication skills for collaboration, education and public outreach
  • Active participation in existing networks of people, data, and technologies
  • Training and guidance by experts in how to build and sustain human networks through pedagogy, organizational structure, and leadership training

The GLEON Fellowship Program will provide full funding and logistical support to bring a cohort (~ 12 students) together for in depth training in network science. Over the course of 1.5 years, fellows will

  • Travel to three weeklong workshops for in-depth training, supplemented by online activities and network-level interactions at GLEON all-hands meetings
  • Develop technical, conceptual and analytical skills critical to carrying out macroscale biology and network science
  • Gain access to existing networks of people, data, technologies, students, and technical experts
  • Complete an interdisciplinary, collaborative scientific project


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